A Notting Hill Portrait of six friends on holiday from America

Friends having fun in colourful Notting Hill

I received a lovely email from Shannon who was going to be flying to London from the US to celebrate both turning 30 and having recently got engaged. She was looking for a portrait session in London to include her 4 close friends who were also flying over to help her celebrate and a some photos with her fiancé. She didn’t want the traditional tourist spots that we associate with London but had spotted the beautiful, colourful streets of Notting Hill and asked if we could go there. Absolutely!
I popped up to Notting Hill the week before to do a recci as it had been yeeeeaaaaaarrrrs since I’d been there so I wanted to re familiarise myself with the area and find a few locations so that we didn’t waste time on the day wandering aimlessly.
There were SO many good spots we could have used but even with two hours there would only be so many locations we could get to especially with 6 people. The more people the longer everything takes. Shannon had also done her own research on the area so we combined what the both of us had found to produce a really great mixture of locations and backdrops.

Im really pleased to say Shannon and her friends loved the photos and I had a lot of fun getting to know them all – especially when the boys let out their inner ‘model’ at the end of the session which clearly they’d been dying to do! hehehehe.

I seem to be getting an increasing number of enquiries for shoots with holiday makers in London ………… possibly on the account of my name (and the drop in the pound)! hahahaha Google seems to have finally (now that I don’t live in london anymore of course) catapulted me to the top of searches for London Photographer so I think this is something I’m going to start looking into doing more of – its a really nice way to explore London a bit more and find interesting locations I perhaps otherwise wouldn’t.

Shannon sent me a lovely email after she received her full edit online:
“Thank you so much for these photos — I think they are amazing and exactly what I was looking for!!  Out of the entire trip, the group agreed that our Notting Hill day was our favorite!  We really lucked out with great weather and it was just a fun day walking around.  You really captured so many different locations and types of photos (group, individual, etc.) so thank you.”      



Newly engaged couple on colourful Notting Hill street Engagement portrait on a colourful Notting Hill street Portrait of a group of friends  in front of colourful wall in Notting Hill 4 male friends pose for portrait in front of a blue and yellow house in Nitting hill Six friends stood still holding hands in a line in a Notting Hill muse BW image of 6 friends walking along a Notting Hill Muse

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