Hello! I am Sarah and I consider myself to be a creative photographic documenter of life, love, fun and family.

Red Wellies, Fairies and Crocodiles

I love living by the sea, growing veg, and trying to follow walks from books written by people who fail to realise that the ‘big tree’ you’re supposed to take the left turn at may well not be there in 20 years time, or the ‘stream’ you cross over will probably have dried out by the time anyone actually reads the darn book, and the frog crossing point….. well I think they just made that up! Hhmmmffff…

I love red wellies, trees and wooden boxes full of treasures.

I cherish my collection of old film cameras.

Want to learn the guitar and drive a VW Camper.

Think I saw a mermaid in a river in Cornwall once?

I have letters from fairies to prove that they exist.

Have been in a police line up – It wasn’t me, honest guv!

Was nearly eaten by a crocodile in Northern Australia.

Had the obligatory random spiritual experience in India.

And I think I was a hippie in my past life.

However, if you’d like to know something more sensible then read on………..

My love of the photograph, a visual image of history, life, relationships, fashion, events and moments in time began further back than I almost care to remember. Poring over my parent’s dog eared family albums, rifling through battered shoe boxes, fascinated by random images from times before I was “even a twinkle in their eye” and trying to imagine what it was like ‘in the old days’. Images that lead to questions and then to stories about a wedding, a holiday, a party or a person I would never know.

I can’t think of anything more amazing than being able to visually freeze a special moment, for all of time to come and for future generations to look back on with the same wonder and fascination I had and still have.

Pop on over to my personal Instagram feed to find out more about me in photos – all personal and all iPhone images!
I love to stay in touch with my couples via Instagram too xx


My photography style is very natural and un-posed for the most part. I offer direction and a certain amount of positioning where needed but otherwise I try to let things happen naturally which I think also helps to capture the uniqueness of the day, a couple or a family. People are different, look different, interact and behave differently so I don’t use a set formula for each shoot. I try to read and react to the individuals and location in order to really capture true personalities and moments making your images personal and individual to you.

During weddings, guests often comment to me at how unobtrusively I work which I always take as a huge compliment. I am there to capture this beautiful day and to remain in the background as much as possible, letting things happen naturally and not to dominate the day. You can read a few notes on my testimonials page from previous clients.

Variety is the spice of life

I have been a full time photographer since 2007. As well as weddings, portraits and families I have also shot for a wide variety of corporate clients involving, sports, music, dance, theatre, schools, events, VIP visits, brochures, press and interiors to name just a few. I love the variety that photography brings, it keeps things fresh, new and challenging. My creative and corporate work can be viewed here.
I also taught BTEC Photography at an FE college until funding was sadly cut. I loved every minute of teaching, it was so rewarding to see the students progress over the year and proudly display their work at the end of year exhibition.

sarah london photography

Green values

I like to use the term ‘Eco conscious’ to describe my position on such issues. I am not militant and I do not preach (well only to my boyfriend!) but I am aware of how we live and how we impact the world around us. I use chemical free products in my personal life wherever possible. I recycle and re use where space and service’s allow. I like to compost and grow organic fruit and veg.

I email invoices and other documents and print as little as possible. Where I do print I use recycled papers.

My business cards and other business products are either recycled or from eco conscious and fair trade companies and more often than not all apply!

I offer products that are made from recycled/salvaged materials, use chemical free inks, dyes and processes and from companies who adhere to eco policies or are locally brought and made. The packaging I use is again recycled and re used where possible and available.


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