Better late than never, here is my 2016 roundup of documentary wedding photography images. As always it was so hard to narrow the choice down, and I choose to show only documentary moments because for me these are what show the joy, atmosphere and personality of a wedding day – it’s not only about the couple and their portraits but about their family and friends and the real moments that make up each individual wedding- and the bits that I just love capturing.
Last year took me across East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Herefordshire, London, Wales and right here at home in Brighton – I even walked to one of them which was very nice!
There were green vintage busses, Red busses, fast cars, ice cream vans, chip vans, pubs, cafes, castles, village halls, fancy houses, barns, back gardens and hotels – there was crazy dancing, crowd surfing, lunges, choreographed dances, Ceilidh’s, Power Balled Yoga (yes you read correctly!!) – light up trainers, light sabres, sequins and wings!
But best of all lots of love and laughter!

I am sure I am going to write similar every year because it’s so true but it really was another fantastic year – as you’ll see – with more wonderful couples and I must thank every one of them and their families for making me feel really welcome, treating me like an old friend and allowing me just to do my thing in capturing unique and real moments that tell a wonderful story to be remembered for ever!
Going back through last years weddings makes me really excited for what 2017 might bring and all the new couples who’s wonderful day I will get to share and who’s lives I’m going to get to dip my toes into!
** Scroll on for lots of love and laughter**