It’s taken me a little while to get around to blogging some of my weddings……. ok, who am I kidding, MANY of my weddings and this one is from a little while ago.
My couple had a church wedding in Sussex just a stones throw from my Brides parents house and then the field that they borrowed for their Tipi wedding reception was also a short walk away. I love weddings that involve walking between venues as it gives me a chance to grab some great candid moments and these guys had Morris dancers joining them too!


My brides father is a member of a local Morris group so you will see some (many) photos of them lining the confetti aisle as my couple exit the church and then playing the guests down the road where guests collected a drink to then walk onto the field. The Morris group entertained the guests during the reception drinks with various dances and even got people involved which was a lot of fun ….. or at least it was fun for me to photograph (as you’ll see!). Every wedding should have a Morris group in attendance!


One of the things that has remained with me from this awesome wedding, and I know their Videographer Ayla from Wagtail Productions would agree with me, was the incredible and powerful speech made by the Grooms Mum about her Son. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the whole Tipi including the two of us! I wish I could remember the words, but I remember exactly how it me feel. ALL of their speeches were just amazing with such heart felt words and many tears were shed all the way through, as you’ll see from some of the photos. It’s wonderfully, not so un common now to hear from Brides at weddings (Hurrraaaa!!) but I have never heard a Mother of the Groom speak about her Son (that I can remember?). We hear from fathers and mothers of Brides regularly talking about their ‘wonderful’ daughters, but yes, if we are looking for equality at weddings and Brides are now starting to make speeches as well as Brides best friends then absolutely why shouldn’t we hear from a parent or relative on the Grooms side talking about how ‘wonderful’ they are too!
It’s so easy to roll along with traditions sometimes without questioning what we’re doing or why, if they are still relevant and if we indeed still want to carry out these same traditions anymore, and many of those traditions ARE questioned, adapted or dismissed now – but here is one that has been hiding in plain sight for much longer than many of the others! So lets start hearing from the Grooms parents a bit more ……… right !!??

These boys had DEFINITELY been practicing their poses for the day Hahahaha I honestly had to stop them in the end as we spent SO much time photographing their various ‘poses’ I was going to miss the reception!!

These guys knew HOW to PARTY !!!

Their wonderful suppliers were:
Coordinators on the day // @wisebridesuk
Videographer // @wagtailproductions
Hair // @gavinharviehair
makeup // Sophie @sjm.artistry
Dress // @ateliermuscat
Best women’s dresses // #staysunnychicago
Suit // @reiss
Florist // @astilbe_sorrel
Caterer // @pickle_and_fizz
Tipi // @maka_tipi
DJ // Jimmy @festivalweddingdjs