An Eco conscious Photographer

I try to live my life and run my business with the    environment always in mind.

My Life

 For many years I have considered the environment in my personal life.
I grew up going on CDN and Friends of the Earth Marches in the 80’s with my parents and my dad was the local friends of the earth coordinator.
So considering the environment has always been second nature to me.
I have used chemical free cosmetics since my travels in australia in my 20’s when i first came across them, and from then extended this interest and concern into personal care and cleaning products around the home.
Wonderfully the selection and variety has increased massively since then!

I think it probably goes without saying that I recycle and reuse where possible, and in the past I have had an allotment and garden where i could also compost and grow lots of fruit and veg. Sadly when i moved to Brighton I had to give both up as i don’t currently have the outside space but i’m hoping to get back into both in the coming year/s.

It might also be no surprise that I am vegetarian.
I have been for over 30 years now.

My Business

Running an eco friendly Photography business isn’t as easy as perhaps it is with some businesses. but I have gone to great lengths to only use UK companies where possible, and to try to find the most eco friendly options possible.

all documentation is digital. the only thing i print out is the photography plan for the day which includes the group shot list – something I cannot do without!
Where i do need to print i use recycled paper which i go on to shred and recycle.


My client USB’s are made from wood and purchased from a UK company.
 they will come presented in a hand stamped un bleached cotton pouch packaged in a box made from recycled card. recycled tissue paper will protect the goods. Both the box, cotton pouch and tissue paper are purchased from a local company  in sussex who have really great eco credentials. They also supply my postage boxes.
I use paper tape to securely wrap my parcels which is also recycled and recyclable and from a UK company!
any extra goodies included in my packages are all locally made or sourced.

Any postcards i use are printed in the UK on recycled paper and are uncoated so that they can be recycled.

My main fine art wedding albums are hand made in the UK by a very eco friendly company which include their fabrics, inks, dyes and packaging. They are beautiful!
Some other paper products in the pipe line aren’t all made in the uk as there isn’t always the option sadly, but they will be as eco friendly as i can make them with things like uncoated papers.

My office uses energy saving light bulbs and recycles all paper and card. My office storage is all vintage furniture – which is essentially recycling right!
I only use rechargeable batteries in my equipment.