This article was something I had meant to post last New Year and for reasons I forget now, just didn’t get around to it………Oh wait! Maybe it was the fact I didn’t actually have a Blog to post on!!??  I thought I would show you a small taster from jobs that show a different angle and style to everything else on this website. From press to corporate portraits, interiors, sport and events. Over the past 7 years that I have been a full time photographer I have had the opportunity to photograph a wide variety of people and subjects for a wide variety of clients. This post shows just a few from more recent times – as you can imagine it’s some task to dig back through many years worth of thousands of images, no matter how well organised they are! Quite a few relate to the 2012 London Olympics as I was heavily involved in photographing many aspects of the build up in the years leading up to the event, not to mention the event itself – although not actually trackside for the main events unfortunately (damn those press agencies!).

Press HRH Prince Andrew visits a Newham School Lon_to_Derry_ Art013_MG_0182 Topping off ceremony for a new school building

Sport and Sport related _MG_1020

Yes this Mo Farah Photo is actually mine! Full frame no cropping (as most of my images are!) – just scraping in his knuckles Phew!! 

_O6C7632 _MG_9202 Corporate event activities _MG_8448 _MG_9169 2 _MG_1658 _MG_7220

Portraits for corporate clients and features

_MG_2606 Corporate Portraits Corporate Portraits _MG_8639 _MG_9439

Interiors Interiors for Showcase Interiors at Box TV

Theatre, Dance, Music and Performance CSB305bw

If you would like to see some more please go to my corporate website and click through the images using the arrows that will appear to the sides over the first photo.

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