This wonderful pair booked me for their London wedding about 6 weeks ahead of the date.
They were having a smallish informal wedding of around 50 guests, with their legal ceremony taking place at Clissold House in Stoke Newington, London. We were then to walk to a nearby pub called The Prince for lunch and their reception.

I started off at K’s parents Airbnb which was a quirky little one bed house in a tiny terrace not too far from Clissold House. My couple got ready together at the house and we did a few portraits in the street outside the house partly because it was a great location, partly because we wouldn’t have a huge amount of time later in the day and also my couple just wanted to enjoy their day with their guests so spending as little time as possible taking formal photos.
The five of us then got taxis to Clissold House where the rest of their guests began to arrive.
My couple walked into the ceremony together which I always love and makes so much sense to me personally.

My bride is originally from Hong Kong and my Groom is originally from Italy so their guests were a fantastic mix of photo takers and party’ers! Usually photographers get a bit annoyed at wedding guests with phones and cameras but somehow these just added to the atmosphere, there were so many that I just had to embrace them – plus lots of old film cameras too which were very ‘cool’ and made me happy to see! I was slightly envious actually. There was lots of fun shouting and chanting from the Italian bunch and lots of selfi’s from the Chinese side so an all round brilliant animated crowd that gave me lots to photograph!

The weather wasn’t on our side that day, but I went prepared with my clear golf size umbrella – intending to use it for myself hahaha but my couples umbrella was a bit teeny so obviously I gave them mine instead which was perfect. I would go as far as saying that the rain even added a certain atmosphere to the day that definitely added to the fun and the great images!

My lovely bride actually found me via an external blog post of one of my previous weddings which was also smaller, with the reception being held in a restaurant with drinks at my couples home before.
You can see this wedding featured on my blog here – Retro inspired quirky wedding

Here is their preview slideshow if you would like to watch. Make sure your volume is turned on and your device turned to ‘landscape’ for the best viewing experience.