“Keep your face always towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you”

That is the beautiful inscription hand written inside a vintage autograph book that Jane found and thought would make the most perfect guest book for their wedding. It has since become one of my most favourite sayings ever!

I had a wonderful day with Jane and Ben and all of their wedding guests and felt a real part of the day. I think being so closely welcomed on the day – almost just as another guest, puts everyone at ease with essentially a stranger draped in cameras and allows a different type of photography to happen which results in very relaxed images that are a true reflection of the day. I think the fact we got on really well from the first meeting (as I am lucky enough to do with all of my couples) and their attitude towards me being there (even though they hadn’t initially really wanted a photographer at all – see bottom of this blog post!) helped in their final view of the day with respect to having a ‘stranger’ there photographing and the little impact I had on the actual day – but the HUGE impact I had after their day and on there future memories. Jane’s email to me after receiving their package is at the bottom of this post.
SarahLondonPhotogJ&B005 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B006 70's green dress Baby Cham glasses

type writer

Jane hand typed all their cute little ‘Save the Date’ cards AND a personal note for each guest as their favour along with a copy of a Charles Dickens classic Novel – to tie in with the fact that they got married at The Charles Dickens Birth Place Museum in Southsea.




Jane got ready at home with her two bridesmaids and her Grandmother, before her Grandfather drove her to the ceremony.



Jacques Vert Vintage Yellow shoes

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Janes Grandfather was giving her away – such a fabulous man!



Ben and his best man await the bride.

Charle Dickens Birth Place registry office SarahLondonPhotogJ&B102 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B105 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B106 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B108 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B110 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B115 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B132

Charles Dickens Birth Place Museum

Another of the rooms in the Charles Dickens Birth Place Museum.

pink cigarette vintage bride and groom SarahLondonPhotogJ&B250 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B242 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B292 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B312 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B294 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B289 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B252 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B308 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B327 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B304 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B302 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B320 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B299 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B328 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B323SarahLondonPhotogJ&B329 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B325 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B335


After the ceremony everyone went back to Jane and Ben’s flat for Pimms and a toast!

SarahLondonPhotogJ&B404 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B448 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B445 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B416 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B422 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B427 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B425 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B428 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B412 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B431


Pimms, lots of Pimms!



The toast.

SarahLondonPhotogJ&B430 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B413 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B451 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B453 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B454 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B466


After their drinks reception at the their home everyone walked around the corner to a lovely restaurant called Lou Lou’s Brasserie where their meal and evening reception was to take place.

SarahLondonPhotogJ&B527 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B355 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B347 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B349 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B339 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B343


Lou Lou’s is just packed with character!

SarahLondonPhotogJ&B524 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B359 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B489 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B491 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B488 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B340 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B510


The utterly amazing and perfect find for their guest book!



These lovely lads had the pleasure of my company for the meal – and delish it was too!



My starter!

SarahLondonPhotogJ&B496 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B371 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B523


Not my starter!

SarahLondonPhotogJ&B509 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B516 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B538 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B546 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B548 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B531


The speeches – Jane’s Grandad went first.

SarahLondonPhotogJ&B638 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B620 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B632 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B644 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B702 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B673 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B729 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B589 SarahLondonPhotogJ&B713SarahLondonPhotogJ&B587

Here is an email Jane sent me after receiving their parcel! I couldn’t be more pleased!!!

“Oh Sarah London you are quite simply heaven sent! Our little parcel of joy was just that, thank-you so very much. Everything is just perfect and wrapped with so much love that I squealed when it arrived (I received it straight away but didn’t want to pester you on your holiday). When your wedding photographer sends you (artisan) chocolate you know you picked well.

I can’t stop gushing about the little box of joy, even the USB stick is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen and I hate technology :D and then the photos… Where do I start. I can’t stop looking at them it just brings me back to the day. Picking you as our photographer was definitely the best decision we made. In the beginning we weren’t fussed for even having one which in hindsight was madness. I guess we thought a ‘wedding photographer’ would make it seem a bit too formal and wedding-like but it was a pleasure to have you there for the day, quite simply as a guest. And at least now we can look back on the days when we were young, slim and annoying with great fondness ha! The photos are so relaxed and chic and everyone just seems to be a smiling or laughing (or drunk). Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!!

Did I mention I love the photos? And that we are your biggest fans? Oh and the surprise videos made us chuckle. And that we think you are the most talented lady around? I’ll stop now before we come across as creepy…”